About Boronia

Boronia is a less known flower in Romania and the world in general. It is a beautiful flower native to Australia. It can be found extensively in the Western part of Australia.
Its species include: Boronia clavata
    Boronia falcifolia
    Boronia fraseri
    Boronia imlayensis
    Boronia ledifolia
    Boronia megastigma
    Boronia microphylla
    Boronia mollis
    Boronia molloyae
    Boronia muelleri
    Boronia ovata
    Boronia pinnata
    Boronia safrolifera
    Boronia serrulata
The plant has tiny, wiry stems and needle-like leaves. The lovely bell-shaped flowers have four petals. They may be rosy-carmine, pink or maroon and yellow. The flowers appear in spring; these are sweet scented and lovely colored. Its cultivation is more difficult this is why Boronia is not a well-spread and famous flower.